O.R.K Martial Arts

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Coloured belt list  (10th Kyu - 1st Kyu)

White 10th kyu, Yellow 9th kyu, Orange 8th kyu, Green 7th kyu, Blue 6th kyu, Purple white stripe 5th kyu, Purple 4th kyu, Brown white stripe 3rd kyu, Brown 2nd kyu, Brown black stripe 1st kyu.

Black belt list:

Black belt white stripe, Black belt, 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan......... ect

Gradings are held every 4 months, students are firstly assessed and if students successfully pass the assessment process they are put forward to Grade. Upon passing a strict criteria students will achieve a coloured belt. A coloured belt is recognition of rank.

Class Rank

Black Belt 4th Dan - Otis (Chief Instructor)

Black Belt 3rd Dan -

Black Belt 2nd Dan -

Black Belt 1st Dan -

Black Belt -

Novice Black Belt (white stripe) -

Black belt Red stripe(Instructor Belt) -

1st kyu Brown Black stripe -

 2nd kyu Brown belt - Sade, Sam, Binamra 

3rd kyu Brown belt (white stripe) -

4th kyu Purple belt -

5th kyu Purple belt (white stripe) - Shania

6th kyu Blue belt - Joe, Aarnav

7th kyu Green belt - Rowan, Esme

8th kyu Orange belt - Kai, Ethan

9th kyu Yellow belt - Madison, Aidan, Nathan, Anis

10th kyu White belt - Isiaha